On the Vélo'v 1
Lyon, France (Credit: Thomas Hage-Boutros)

“Tara!” means “Let’s go!” in Filipino. And that’s what this blog is about—an invitation to pack those bags, book those tickets, and take that trip. Our posts provide an overview of the places we’ve visited, what to see and how to get around, but the goal is to keep it short. Helpful sites are linked whenever possible, and whatever you can’t find there you’ll find elsewhere on the internet, but here inspiration is the main currency.

We are Damien and Michelle. He’s French; I’m Filipino. He takes (most of) the photos; I do the writing. This blog is our travel diary, a record of where we’ve been and where we have yet to go. Like many others, we want our footprints to span the globe.

So tara, on y va, let’s go! We are here, and the world awaits.


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